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7 Cloud Infographics you must See!

Submitted by suvichar on Tue, 01/22/2013 - 15:38


Here is an Collection of 7 Interesting Infographics. The theme is Cloud Technology.

Together they cover all : Why, How, Why not, Trends, Facts, Options and a lot more about Clouds .

Let’s have a look one by one.

This one talks all about Costs giving you a Holistic picture of Cost of Ownership.


Evolve Infographic Retro


As we have repeatedly highlighted, Cloud is the best thing that has happened to SMBs.

IT Headaches infographic


Yes, this one is about Big Data. With Cloud Technology, the access to big data, the high end analytical insights has become so democratic, so easy.

That's why you would find many talking about Big Data and Cloud in the same breath.

Big Data infographics


This one throws light on interesting trends when it comes to Cloud Adoption.

Whopping 72% of them work with multiple Clouds instead of laying all eggs in one basket. That's even more interesting!

Of all the people we at should know how true it is!


Cloud infographic


No Perceptions, no Trends, no Estimates, no Projections.

Let’s Talk Facts. Cold Facts.

Citrix Cloud infographic


Why more and more businesses moving into Clouds. This Infographics tells you all

Cloud Computing


This one will surely come handy when you have made the decision to move to Clouds.

Cloud Apps