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Suvichar Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
An ISO 9001:2008 Organization
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Web 2.0 Consulting

Suvichartech offers an outcome driven and collaborative two- to four-week Assessment Workshop - to help you benchmark and determine what change will provide the highest impact. The assessment is conducted by experts from Suvichartech, with prior Web 2.0 experience. Since Web 2.0 touches lives of every person in the organization, we generally interact with people at all levels in the organization.

The workshop covers:

Web 2.0 Strategy

Web 2.0 strategy should be aligned to your strategic vision. Workshop consists of in-depth study of current market parameters such as target market, competition, desired performance levels and technology strategy for web 2.0 implementation. This also talks about the right mix for the organization based on their market segment, external environment and also internal environment.

Web 2.0 Roadmap

Web 2.0 roadmap is prepared to address the implementation plan for Web 2.0 for an organization. This maps with your short term and long term business goals.

The Suvichartech team will study the current situation, identify bottlenecks, and develop a set of prioritized recommendations. Our team deep understands Web 2.0 space and experience enables us deliver tangible high-impact business returns.