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Zoho CRM and XERO Integration Utility Banner

Zoho CRM and XERO Connectors



Why use ZTX?

  • Make your Sales team's job easy by allowing easy and quick information flow between Zoho CRM and Xero
  • Make your Zoho CRM more powerful by having up to date accounts receivable information in it
  • Stop going back and forth between your Zoho CRM and Xero for Important Business information
  • No more Disconnect between your Sales team and your Accounts team.
    Both will access the Same Information.
  • Stop manually syncing your Invoices, Accounts, Contacts, Clients, etc. between Zoho CRM and Xero

At this Price / month   $20    
Sync it Every   On Demand / 12 hours    
For all Connectors Number of records you can process is Unlimited*
All prices are in US dollars
* - Refer to Zoho CRM API on API call limits. Click here for more Information



  • Schedule the Sync once and Enjoy the benefits every single day. Focus on your core business
  • With this truly Bi-directional Connector, Get your Zoho CRM Invoices as well as Xero Invoices synced into each other and easily ensure same data in both the clouds
  • Accounting is more than just Invoices. That's why our Connector is also more than just Invoices. Use it to Sync Zoho accounts, Contact and also your Xero Clients along with invoices
  • Keep your CRM up to date. Make your Sales team more effective by giving them up to date information about each account receivable
  • Connect your 2 most Important Systems of your Business, your CRM and your Accounting software
  • NEW* Sync any time