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Zoho CRM Impementation Case Study

Client: Medium size IT service company


  • Geographically spread sales team
  • All reports were generated using excel
  • No sales forecasting
  • Lead tracking was missing
  • Lead qualification process was missing
  • Cross selling was a big issue in account
  • No formal campaign management process in place
  • No Pipeline management
  • Customer satisfaction was poor as there was no formal method for support/case related issues
  • Information was not available at one place, sometimes sales people spend lot of time in creating/manipulating reports
  • No control on sales, marketing and support process
  • Client wanted system to be in place ASAP
  • No tracking of lead sources
  • Usually invoices were tracked by Accounts department


  • Zoho CRM Enterprise edition was proposed with customization
  • Entire sales, marketing and support process was defined
  • Dashboards and reports were prepared
  • Escalation and workflow rules were imposed
  • ABP/Forecasting process was put in place
  • Marketing campaigns were clearly defined and email marketing system was integrated
  • Groups, roles and data security rules were clearly defined
  • Web forms were created for Lead generation and support/case related issues

Duration: Four weeks

Benefits after 3 months:

  • Better tracking of leads
  • Better visibility of the pipeline and hence can take timely action
  • Customer satisfaction is increased
  • Cross selling has become easy
  • Better control on campaigns and can measure effectiveness of these campaigns
  • Invoices are now being tracked by customer facing teams