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Suvichar Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
An ISO 9001:2008 Organization
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Mobile Application Development

Mobile platforms have revolutionized the way all aspects function today. There has been a paradigm shift seen the business and personal utility scenarios. Suvichar Tech is one the pioneers in the field of developing custom-made applications for these platforms. Our team can create an interactive application to complement the existing or new website, or as a stand-alone concept. From iPhone to iPad to Facebook applications, our expert team can bring your concept mobile and social relevance through intuitive application design.

Mobile Friendly Websites

We can create a mobile version of your website or social network to ensure optimal viewing on a mobile browser, including iPhone-friendly versions. Our website applications allow viewers visiting your website on their mobile device to easily navigate and locate the information that they are seeking, with optimized formatting.

iPhone Applications

Native iPhone applications are objective C based developments submitted to Apple for inclusion in the App Store. These applications can be distributed through Apple for free, for a download fee, or can include ads within the application for alternative monetizing. Suvichar Technologies provides an iPhone platform which works seamlessly with our social networking software, allowing for network users to access their accounts and social features through a customized iPhone application. In the process of developing your iPhone application, we can ensure that your application will also be fully functional and optimized for the iPad.

Android Applications

Having surpassed iPhone sales in the third quarter of 2010, Google’s Android phones have ushered in a new generation of Smartphone users. Representing about 8.7 million Android users in the U.S., this rapidly growing segment of the mobile phone industry demonstrates that apps aren’t just for iPhones anymore. To help you take advantage of this fast-growing market, Suvichar Technologies Inc. will collaborate with you to produce a unique and intuitively-built native Android application to reach your audience. The platforms have not only made way for new way of working, but paved way for new areas of services. We deliver a unparalleled service for all these platforms and make the mobile world work at your finger-tips.