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Suvichar Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
An ISO 9001:2008 Organization
Zoho Solutions

Zoho Solutions

Zoho Alliance Partner

Suvichar Technologies offers SaaS solutions in many areas. SaaS has gained momentum in last few years as organizations have realized the benefits of SaaS solutions. Suvichartech has unique skill sets required for development, customization and implementation of SaaS based applications.

Suvichartech has partnered with Zoho Inc. which offers SaaS applications. Zoho has Productivity and Collaboration Apps as well as Business applications like CRM, Invoicing etc. Zoho has received numerous awards, including 2009 Info World ‘Technology of the Year Award’, 2008 PC World "25 Most Innovative Products Award" and a 2007 TechCrunch "Best Enterprise Start-up."

Zoho offers SaaS based solutions in following areas:

  • Zoho Chat – Chat Software
  • Zoho Docs – Documents Management Online Solution
  • Zoho Discussions – Discussion Platform
  • Zoho Mail – Mailing Solution
  • Zoho Meeting – Online Meeting Application
  • Zoho Project – Project Management Solution
  • Zoho Share – Online document Sharing Platform
  • Zoho Assist – Online Assisting Solution
  • Zoho Challenge – Online Examination Solution
  • Zoho Books – Online Finance Management Solution
  • Zoho Creator – Online Programming Platform
  • Zoho CRM – CRM Solution
  • Zoho Invoice – Online Invoicing System
  • Zoho Marketplace – A place for all zoho applications developed
  • Zoho People – HRMS Solution
  • Zoho Calendar – Online Planner Solution
  • Zoho Recruit – Online Recruitment Solution
  • Zoho Reports – Online Reporting Application
  • Zoho Notebook – Online Notebook Application
  • Zoho Planner – Online Planning Application
  • Zoho Sheet – Online Spreadsheet Application
  • Zoho Show – Online Presentation Application
  • Zoho Writer – Online Word Application
  • Zoho Viewer – Online Documents Sharing and Viewing Application

How does it work?

On-demand Apps from Zoho are conveniently accessible through your browser. It does not require any software implementation, upgrades or hardware purchase.

Why should you use SaaS Applications?

SaaS applications by Zoho are easy-to-use and very cost effective. Every application is built on standard business process but still has flexibility to customize to one’s need.

  • No software installation
  • No hardware purchase
  • No contract, pay as you go
  • No data lockup, export your data anytime
  • You get a cost-effective enterprise-grade applications online

Our services for Zoho

  • Customization and Configuration of Zoho Applications to suit your business processes
  • Zoho Integration with other systems
  • Training
  • Reports development and customization
  • Support

Why should you use Suvichar Technologies for Zoho?

Suvichar Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Zoho Alliance Partner. We have implemented Zoho Solutions for many customers across the globe. We have highly trained and experienced staff on all Zoho applications. We not only configure Zoho Apps but can also integrate Zoho apps using APIs.